Creating & Framing Abstract Art

In addition to selling a wide range of beautiful found items in my shop, I have started to create and list my own abstract art pieces, too. These pieces are always abstract art and range in size quite a bit, but I’ve chosen to always place them in gold ornate frames. 

I’ll admit that when I visit art museums and admire the famous works of art on display, I’m often just as in awe of the frames and the workmanship that went into them. I wonder who made them and why don’t we have any record of these makers.

Fortunately, in my work, I often come across amazing vintage frames that are either empty or contain prints that can be discarded. I’ve chosen to give these stunning gold ornate frames a new purpose and replace the existing artwork with my own abstract creations. I’ve enjoyed this process for a couple of reasons. For one, I’ve found that most original contemporary artwork does not come framed. Offering pre-framed abstract pieces at accessible price points allows my customers to scoop up the artwork of their choosing and display it immediately without having to worry about going the custom route or searching for a frame of their own, which can be a time consuming process. Secondly, I like that I’m giving pre-loved frames a new lease on life; after all, I’m in the business of selling vintage and am a firm believer in repurposing items from the past. I also love blending vintage and modern pieces, so what could be more fitting than placing an abstract painting inside an antique looking frame and embracing the best of both worlds? 

When designing my abstract art, I’ve learned to embrace the unpredictable and let things fall where they may. Each piece I create is unique, and I enjoy trying something new each time I paint. 

My works can be styled solo or grouped together, and I always enjoy seeing how customers choose to hang their purchases in their own home. I am all for mixing frame sizes and mediums—abstract art pieces look fantastic hung side by side, but don’t be afraid to mix styles and genres and create a gallery wall that features abstracts, landscapes, portraits, and much more. You truly cannot go wrong!