How to Style Burlwood Furniture Like A Pro

I absolutely love burlwood furniture pieces and am always excited to come across new gems to offer to you in the shop. Burlwood has been stylish for many decades, but it’s been experiencing a surge in popularity in recent years. Many big box stores including CB2, Anthropologie, and Soho Home offer fabulous burlwood pieces, which often cost a pretty penny. Burlwood is rare and each piece of burlwood furniture is unique, which makes it extra special. 

Burlwood is an excellent material to decorate with in that it can complement a wide range of design aesthetics. I’ve seen burlwood pieces shine in grandmillennial spaces, but at the opposite end of the spectrum, they also look fantastic in eclectic rooms. So if your style is prone to changing over time, know that you’ll always be able to incorporate a burlwood piece into your home! If you’re looking for a bit more specific guidance on how to style burlwood furniture, keep reading for some of my go to tips.

Supplement a Burlwood Dresser or Credenza with Neutral Accents

Since burlwood is so high quality and special, you’ll really want to let it take center stage and not crowd up a burlwood piece with tons of accessories. Stick with lamps, trays, and candlesticks that are patternless and neutral in color, this will ensure that they do not distract from the beautiful burl in front of you. Be sure to leave breathing room between objects; burl can sometimes be a fairly busy pattern depending on the exact style you select, and you don’t want things to look too cluttered or chaotic. 

Pair Burlwood with Velvet, Boucle, or Leather

If your style is contemporary, work some velvet and/or boucle pieces into a room with burlwood furniture for a real textural treat. Black or white boucle in particular looks beautiful alongside burl, and when it comes to velvets, any neutral color will shine, as will an olive or hunter green. Burgundies would also look stunning. And we paired a burlwood bar with a pair of navy wingbacks and it was sublime.

Think Outside the Box

While burlwood dressers, desks, and credenzas are fairly common, I’ve seen amazing photos of burlwood headboards and armoires, too. Don’t be afraid to go for a more unique look and incorporate one of these burlwood applications into your space. I’m sure the compliments will roll in right away! 

Stick to One Style of Burl Per Room

While this may go without saying to most, I suggest sticking to just one burl finish per space so as not to overwhelm the eye. However, whether you opt for a light or dark colored finish is entirely up to you; you really can’t go wrong either way!